Fear is growing, Congress and Trump must act

I am shocked, saddened, angered, and now − I hate to admit it − fear is beginning to creep into my mind about going out to dinner, to the movies, visiting shopping malls, or participating in any large public gathering for fear some maniac may shoot me, my family and everyone else. 

It is time President Trump sits in his Oval Office and goes on national television − no more tweets! − and delivers a message to this nation to stop the killing, stop the madness and hatred. It is getting way out of hand. Innocent people are being murdered in our public places. It is sickening and senseless. 

Mr. Trump, lead this nation into revising our gun control, now! Congress, that includes you. What are we waiting for? I'm sick of seeing these mass killings occur almost weekly now. How can Congress continue to do nothing? 

I hope you feel the way I do. It’s frightening.

Bill Hobbs



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