Last thing a violent society needs is realistic toy guns

It is a well-established fact that the United States has a gun problem. A large majority of citizens are frustrated by the inactivity or inability of politicians to take political steps to help curb needless and senseless tragedies. 

Recently, while in a toy store, I was stunned to see toy-type guns and rifles prominently displayed. Some were quite realistic looking, and many were accompanied by toy ammunition called by various names such as darts and disc caps. 

Intrigued, I visited toy departments in several other stores to see if they also sold look-a-like-weapon toys. Yes indeed, and many were accompanied by the play ammunition. 

One wonders what kind of examples are we setting for our children, by tolerating and condoning the sale of glorified make-believe weapons and ammunition? 

Louise Fabrykiewicz

New London


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