Still searching for reasons for Thresher's destruction

Did the captain of the Thresher on its fatal dive have any mental or family problems? Did he ever try to show his authority by swiping a load of clean dishes off a mess table? “Retired submariner hopes to shine new light on sinking of the Thresher,” (July 24).

Some believe the Thresher sank due to a loss of main propulsion caused by the loss of integrity of a sil-brazed weld in a high-pressure steam pipe feeding the turbine. Since the ship had just come out of overhaul and was on a test dive, the question remains, was any work done during the overhaul on the main propulsion system affecting sil-brazed welds?

Another (far out) reason for the loss of main propulsion is perhaps someone putting the submarine in reverse and the propeller fell off. Why would someone do that?

Photographs of the debris field exist at the submarine base in Groton. The debris field is approximately one and a half miles in diameter

Paul D. Manoli

West Mystic


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