America in need of a spiritual reawakening

On leaving the White House, President Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower said the nation needed a spiritual reawakening. That was in 1961. Today, one look at the American media is enough to see the ruins of American spirituality. The media reflects the emptiness of people unchecked by a moral consciousness.

There is no starting point here unless it is human nature. Franklin Roosevelt outwardly was fatherly, but his political actions ballooned the national government from the individual emphasis of our founders to the dangerous conglomeration of power we have today.

President Lyndon Johnson was a tragedy, with an ego big enough to destroy a nation or two. He perpetrated Vietnam on America without a just cause, a war that went on for over a decade and produced a view of America among college students that was really a view of Johnson. His lies, designed to use a war to get elected, are felt to this day. His Great Society was a fraud to nail down the black vote, making many poor women dependent on a government father.

Our nation needs another black preacher to lead our African-American community, and all Americans, to a spiritual reawakening.

Howard Flora



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