Meandering Old Mystic editorial appeared to have hidden agenda

What exactly was the message behind the meanderings of the editorial, ”Grassroots Democracy was at work with Zoning Decision in Groton,” (Aug. 3)? Was it for or against grassroots action, bemoaning the zoning decision to maintain Old Mystic as is or changing it to a mixed-use village status, looking enviously at the commercial activity on the Stonington side of Route 27, or wishing the sewage system was newer in Old Mystic?

This is a neighborhood full of degree educated, PhD holding, and mature well-informed residents capable of consuming, analyzing and understanding zoning issues and who recognize the hidden agenda in this piece.

The confused messages are couched in a fantasy that Old Mystic can become a village where people walk to stores and restaurants or take strolls around our teeny green surrounded by two dangerous truck-laden roads. Was Route 27 or Shewville Road actually factored into this whimsy? For the uninitiated they are roads pounded daily by commuters, school buses, trucks, RV’s, cyclists and bikers.

They are narrow arteries feeding lifeblood into the Old Mystick Village shopping center, downtown Mystic, hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, the Aquarium and the Seaport. To think that people in their right mind would stroll these streets pushing baby carriages and walking side-by-side with children is a fantasy.

Michael Weil



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