Government handouts leave millions with no desire to work

Allow me to respond to a recent frontpage headline, "New limits planned for green cards," (Aug. 13).

It's high time for the bleeding hearts to take their heads out of the sand. Consider the following before you proceed to damage our standard of living further. Americans on food stamps in the past 18 years has ballooned from 17 to 42 million, this exceeds the entire population of the state of Mexifornia. 52 percent of able-bodied adults who refuse to work are in the Medicaid program, working age adults have swelled the ranks drawing Social Security disability as reported in the Washington Post, March 2017 from 7.7 million to 13 million from 1996 to 2015. Nationwide, spending on the SNAP program is $70 billion. States on average devote about 30 percent of their funding on Medicaid programs.

Now add to this, there are no time limits on how long someone can stay in subsidized housing. Free everything programs have damaged the incentive to become employed. Close the flood gates. 

Harold T. Moreash

Jensen Beach, Florida


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