'The horror, the horror' that is Trump

President Trump does not have any mandate. Dissatisfied devastating only human lives with immigrant concentration camp border policies that should make all Americans hesitant, comrade Trump now applies his “Operation Cruelty” administration to the animal kingdom per, “Trump targets Endangered Species Act,” (Aug. 13). Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: “The revisions finalized with this rulemaking fit squarely within the President’s mandate ..."

Stop! Do not pass go! The president has no mandate! This administration lies, but dictionaries do not.

Mandate: the authority to carry out a policy or course of action as given by the electorate. Losing the election by 2.87 million votes clearly provides no mandate whatsoever. Cars and bicycles: “Share the road,” but humans have a mandate to “share the planet” with non-human animals!

The May United Nations report on world biodiversity found that one million plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction with alarming implications for human survival. Why share the planet when you can cut to the chase and share the coffin? It took 140 years of recorded history to set the June global temperature record that lasted 31 days as July was Earth’s hottest month ever. Trump’s answer: “Apocalypse Now.

“The horror, the horror” is more relevant now than 40 years ago.

Jay Lustgarten



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