CAIR's real agenda is to silence the critics of Islam

Your recent article, “Norwich clergy group working on meeting with Tigers’ owner,” (Aug 21), on Miles Prentice, owner of the Connecticut Tigers team and a chairman of the Center for Security Policy, paints a negative and untrue picture of Prentice and the CSP, which you describe as a “conservative think tank that promotes anti-Muslim positions and conspiracy theories.” While CAIR’s aims go unquestioned despite the lack of any provocation to their meeting request.

Actually, CAIR, a Muslim organization advances Islamic law, among which is the blasphemy law, designed to silence any criticism of Islam. To this end, CAIR has managed to shutdown presentations by Robert Spencer, Raymond Ibrahim and Pamela Geller, all of whom document assiduously their criticisms of Islam. CAIR has also had police trainings on Islamic law cancelled, and presentations shutdown of “Honor Diaries,” a documentary (featuring several Muslim women) on Islamic human rights abuses against women. What do all these cancellations have in common? They are all critical of Islam with its horrific abuses such as honor killings, forced child marriage, lawful beatings by husbands, and much more.

Prentice and the CSP aim to stop such abuse by disseminating the truth. Therefore, CAIR wants them silenced.

Jane Bate



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