Don't let your vote be bullied by economic threats

As an independent voter in the previous 11 presidential elections, I am not surprised by a certain re-election campaign's mantra, "Keep America Great." We all want a strong economy and defense while living in our democratic country of many freedoms, yet down financial markets are often found in strong economies and upward markets in weak ones.

The most powerful individual in the free world has threatened financial disaster if we do not vote for him; something just doesn't seem right. Recent statements made by him on June 15 and Aug. 15 mentioned that there would be an epic stock market crash unless he is re-elected. This is tantamount to extortion of the voting booth. Many times, in his past tenure, he has created a problem that only he could solve and took the credit for. This is no exception. Corporate tax rates were lowered by him by 14 percent in order to stimulate job creation. Some people work two of the jobs he created in order to survive. Most of the money stayed with the corporations so they could buy back their own stock. This helped to rise the Dow tremendously.

Don't be bullied and manipulated over the Dow. Knowledge has power. There are many inverse ETFs available to profit in down markets dollar for dollar.

James Lindsay



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