Passero is getting the job done for New London

I want to acknowledge Mayor Michael Passero for making it a priority for New London to have safe and appealing parks so all our residents in our community can enjoy free and low-cost ways to enjoy New London. From the opening of the Skatepark, to the brand new basketball courts at Bartlett Park, it’s clear that Mayor Passero is committed to the beautification of our great city. 

For those of you who haven't heard of these community assets, the skatepark provides a free and safe space for New London youth of all backgrounds to come together. This space helps young people learn to socialize and connect with others. These are skills our youth want more of and can only find it in places they feel welcome. 

It takes leadership and vision to support and push to completion a project like a new or improved park. Mike is supportive and thoughtful, and thanks to his role in our community hundreds, if not thousands, of New London youth have a place they can call their own. 

If you want a champion for our city that knows how to build strength in the community, then join me in voting to re-elect Mayor Michael Passero on Tuesday Nov. 5!

Ramon Morales

New London


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