Trump's crazy claims suggest he's deranged

Our nation is incredible. Where else could a deranged man become the president? President Trump believes if he builds a wall along the southern border Mexico will pay for it; that he could have prevented the 9/11 attacks; that George Washington’s army took over and protected airports during Revolutionary War; that you need an ID to buy groceries; and that Greenland is for sale. To stop forest fires, according to Trump, we must rake the forest.

He claims he is losing billions and billions being the president when he’s only worth $3.1 billion. He wants to stop Hispanic immigration, but he hires illegal aliens. He thinks he’s the second coming and king of the Jews. He even believes he’s leading in the 2020 polls.

His real estate companies made 10 times less than what was reported. Maybe Trump, who has gone bankrupt on six of his real estate holdings since 1990, became president so he could cut taxes for the rich and last a little longer in his imaginary world. 

Steven A. Birt



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