This Democratic 'clownery' is growing expensive

I have an extremely difficult time with the logic and actions of the Connecticut State government, more specifically the Democratic Party, and to no surprise, they seem to get more ridiculous with every passing day. I read most recently, “Connecticut looking to aid Planned Parenthood,” (Aug. 29), that the Office of Policy and Management shared concerns of Democratic state senators to find $2.1 million to help fund Planned Parenthood clinics across the state. Are they serious? 

This state is sucking wind to stay afloat, and they want to give the abortion centers $2.1 million! How the heck do they fund these giveaways, especially those with which they shouldn't be involved? Maybe a few more toll stations, increases in the plastic bag tax, increases in the temporary income tax, and sales taxes? There are many easy revenue sources for all these legislators who "have our best interest at heart" to tap into.

If I didn't know better, I would think these buffoons are entertaining us with this clownery. 

Joseph Tycz



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