New London hiring mistakes won't help school magnet plan

The New London school district has invested significant time, effort and money to create a magnet school system that would attract students from around the region. So, I find it fascinating that said district would choose to staff up with felons. Incarcerated Corriche Gaskin was hired as a "behavioral specialist." Well, it is now obvious what behavior he specialized in. Para-professional Jevon Elmore seems to have had a similar specialty; however, the Day article was unclear if he had been able to check the "convicted felon" box on his job application. I really don't think that most districts view a prison record as a resumé enhancer. New London sure is cutting edge in its hiring practices. 

I can imagine a kitchen table discussion between two out-of-district parents about their plans for their daughter's education. "Say, honey, what say we send little Molly over to New London for school next year, I hear they got some specialists over there that can teach her some new behavior." 

I understand that a certain Mr. Fagin of "Oliver Twist" fame, formerly of Old London, may be available for employment at the school district. He would fit right in. The State Police should back vans up to the District HQ and load up.

Steve Stepler

New London



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