Rep. France's vaccine stance 'ignorant, unwise, abhorrent'

The position taken by Rep. Mike France, R-Ledyard, that we need a "state of emergency" before allowing public health experts to weigh in on public health issues is immoral and irresponsible. My mother was born deaf because my grandmother, who was never vaccinated, contracted rubella while pregnant with my mother. (Rep. Mike France: Repealing religious exemption for vaccines unnecessary.)

In rural Brazil vaccines are hard to come by and yet I have seen deeply religious people travel in carpools to spend a day in a health clinic to get vaccinated. They have seen what happens when vaccination rates are low. Families are still suffering from the lack of vaccines available throughout the mid-20th century. This has nothing to do with religion or civil rights, and everything to do with the anti-vaxxers who subscribe to the gospel of YouTube and misinformation. France is shopping for their votes.

These preventable infectious diseases are most likely to affect our most vulnerable populations − the young, old, and immunocompromised. It is ignorant, unwise, abhorrent that a public servant would suggest harm must befall his constituency before acting. To France this is politics and the harm that befalls infants from low-vaccination rates is of no consequence. Interesting, and hypocritical, coming from a "pro-life" advocate.

Caroline Sedor



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