Document abuses for history by impeaching president

America’s system of government appears broken. To a staggering degree, the system of checks and balances is not working. A lawless president in tandem with a corrupt Republican leadership and gutless Republican Senate demonstrates failure and mockery in many areas of government. 

We are fortunate that the president is so ignorant in his brazen lawlessness and abuse of power that his actions are not subject to reasonable dispute. There is an endless record, often recorded on video. Imagine the added problems with an equally duplicitous, but intelligent, president acting similarly in secret. 

We are apparently too inept to confront/prevent this lawless scourge so hopefully future generations will look back and fix the exploited weaknesses in our government. The least we can do is make the record clear. Comprehensive articles of impeachment need to be filed to formally document and establish beyond doubt that the system did not work, should the Senate vote as expected. 

Impeachment articles, the Mueller Report, multiple criminal indictments and existing official documents (e.g., Attorney General Barr’s deceitful memo) will present a powerful record for history, albeit a record of widespread governmental failure demanding corrective action.

Ronald Cummings



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