Is the only truth what president says? That's dangerous.

Wait, no, that can't be right. Did I just read that U.S. government employees of the National Weather Service made an accurate projection of the trajectory of hurricane Dorian, were backed up by other weather experts, were substantiated in real time by the actual path of the storm, and then were threatened with termination because they had contradicted the untrained and totally inaccurate president/weatherman/stable genius? Is this an example of good government? No, it's madness.

And it's dangerous. Accurate weather information in the event of a hurricane is essential to public safety. These NWS employees did their job, and they did it well. They acted clearly and rationally at a critical moment. They were correct. The president lost his way.

If these competent and well directed government servants see retribution at the end of this, what current or future government worker will be able to escape the intimidation from the White House? And what will become of our government, when the only truth is what the president speaks?

Jim Nestor



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