Day story on missing pets a 'keeper'

I read The Day’s front page coverage, “Connecticut group reunites owners with missing pets,” (Sept. 15), of the lost-dog story. This was one of the best stories about how to reach out to volunteers and other valuable information to find your lost dog. 

Loving dogs like they are our children, it is the most frightening feeling when we don’t know their location. 

Around 25 years ago, when Stanley Clark was still the ACO for Waterford, our little Pekingese Grover went missing for two weeks during a bad snowstorm. About two days after that 2-week time span, we got a call from ACO Clark letting us know Grover was found and he was fine and alive! Grover apparently lost his sense of smell in the snowstorm after escaping through the front door. He kept traveling through the woods until he reached the old Waterford airport. By the grace of God and St. Francis, some kind humans were working there on construction and fed Grover and gave him shelter. 

It was the most joyous reunion between a family and their dog-child when we went to bring Grover home. 

If you own dog(s), you won’t want to miss reading this Day story. It’s a lifelong keeper. 

Diane L. Amburn



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