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Saudi Kingdom not deserving of U.S. military support

Concerning the Sept. 18 editorial, “Unlock and unload, U.S. attack would be a mistake," I would add that before President Trump’s pullout of the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran was following the treaty and the reimposition of disastrous sanctions were additional causes for the attack on the two Saudi oil fields. In my opinion, Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal because it was President Obama’s most successful foreign policy initiative and this guy wants to stamp out anything with President Obama’s name on it. (Witness the Affordable Health Care Act shenanigans).

Let us never forget Jamal Khashoggi, an American Green Card holder, contract writer for the Washington Post, civil rights activist against the murderous Saudi regime, who was beat up by 14 Saudi incompetent security personnel, tied to the table and cut up with a bone saw. They made one big mistake. They left on his wrist an Apple Watch that transmitted the horror to his fiancée who was waiting outside of the Embassy in Ankara.

The Saudis are no one’s friend. We have no reason to support them. I for one am glad the Saudis got bombed by the Iranians. The only way they will learn anything is if the U.S. does not participate in giving them any help. We and the rest of the world can only wait until Trump is replaced to get meaningful and responsible foreign policy.

Harry Mantzaris



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