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Society downplays dads at its great peril

When will we stop pretending that dads don't matter? For some time, there has been a push coming from multiple angles towards convincing people that it is somehow a positive thing when a single woman is raising child or children without any father involvement in the life of his offspring (I say "offspring," because if your involvement in the child's life didn't continue past conception, they are simply your offspring, so keep moving, deadbeat).

I'm not talking about the families with divorced parents, yet the father is still the father and has heavy involvement.

While I have no intention of taking away from single moms that raise wonderful kids who become even better adults, I hate to see us ignore the fact that growing up without a dad can, and more often than not will, have harmful and sometimes devastating effects on the development of the child.

It's 2019, almost 2020, and I understand that the nuclear family has become sort of an antiquated notion, but statistically it still gives developing human beings the best shot at a successful life, void of mental health issues, drug abuse, criminal offenses, jailtime, and suicide. I would cite some startling stats but there's a pesky word limit. 

In short, dads matter, like it or not.

Jeff Fincher



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