Ignore nonsensical attack, Sabilia is Waterford's best choice

I was appalled to read, “Sabilia would lead Waterford down New London’s failed path,” (Oct. 9), critical of Beth Sabila, a first selectman candidate in Waterford, wherein the writer is nonsensical in blaming any and all issues that New London may have had on her political involvement as an attorney in a New London practice.

Beth is an extremely intelligent, personable attorney. She went through the entire Waterford school system. I knew her and her wonderful family as another Oswegatchie family.

I attended the candidate first selectman’s debate at Waterford High School and was extremely impressed by here vast knowledge of Waterford and all of southeastern Connecticut, including the legal machinations of Millstone’s future.

I am voting for this longtime, extremely knowledgeable Waterford resident and highly recommend her as our next first selectman.

Margaret Ormond

Former RTM majority leader and Board of Finance member



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