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Make America great again: Dump Trump

"Let them eat cake” is how we remember the indifference of Marie Antoinette to the French people. Our president has just said that he doesn’t care if the Syrians, Russians or Napoleon Bonaparte come to the aide of the Kurds. That is worse than indifference. His words are cruel and unjust towards a people who did the heavy lifting to defeat ISIS. Our troops who worked with the Kurds are ashamed of Pesident Trump's actions.

Never was advice solicited from military or career State Department people. They would have rejected his foolish impulse motivated by fatigue with “endless wars.” 

We are all tired of endless wars, but experienced professionals could have predicted the complicated and dangerous position that a fragile part of the world is now in. When our allies look to America, do they see a partner or a fool who thinks he can "make a deal" for the world to do his bidding? How long will it take, when we are rid of Mr. Trump, for America again to be accepted as a leader and loyal partner? When he goes, we can start making America great again. 

Bernice Krantz



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