Griswold doesn't seek to lead Old Lyme, he obstructs

Reflecting upon his victory, winning back his first selectman's job, Tim Griswold said he believed in his party's platform of "preserving Old Lyme's rural and small scale aspect." But at what price to taxpayers?

It was Griswold, in his prior 14-year run as first selectman, who heavy handidly led his town's 10-year costly legal battle against Point O' Woods Beach's state environmental agency-mandared sewer project. He took the ludicrous, unsubstantiated position that by installing sewers and year-round water and winterizing our cottages, Point O'Woods residents would clog Old Lyme Schools with their children. At the time, 1998-2008, the majority of Point O' Woods residents seeking year-round occupancy had grown children living elsewhere. The same is true today.

Griswold, in essence, tells us; continue paying full, year-round taxes, but don't live in your homes beyond Labor Day!

It was a class-action lawsuit, in 2007-08, against the town that caused it to finally end its opposition. Our sewers and water went in. Today Point O' Woods stands as the model of shoreline beaches for responsible, efficient environmental standards.

Will Griswold attempt to block Sound View, Old Colony, Old Lyme Shores and Miami Beaches from obeying state mandated pollution controls?

Tim Griswold is an obstructionist, not a leader!

Bob Sirkin

Old Lyme




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