Robbing the dead to save on flowers

I’ve been a resident of Mystic for more than 60 years. Elm Grove Cemetery has long been an important place of honor and remembrance for citizens of this community. In 2004 my eldest son was laid to rest at Elm Grove. My husband followed him in 2014. I routinely visit and leave potted flowers to show my love and respect at their burial sites. This September I placed large potted mums at their burial sites in accordance with the cemetery rules. When returning a couple weeks later to water the flowers and celebrate my son’s birthday, I discovered both pots were missing. I noted the sites around me still had flowers and pots. I reported this to the superintendent and was told theft of more expensive pots is a problem at Elm Grove. Eternal rest at Elm Grove comes at a high cost. I am writing this letter to The Day to alert others about the issue and hopefully improve management and oversight of this very special place.

Beverly Brown



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