Many puzzle pieces form human mosaic

Puzzles; my dad was an expert on putting them together as far back as I can remember. Once he put together a 2,500 piece depicting dolphins playing in the ocean. My mother bought him a special table designed for putting together puzzles, and I can see him now, carefully studying and organizing each piece. 

I remember being only around 6 and dad was happily putting together a funny puzzle of a gorilla family. He was laughing as the puzzle started coming to life. 

I stood there in awe watching dad make the puzzle come to life piece by piece. 

He turned to me, and said, “You know Dee-Dee (my nickname from him), we are all part of God’s puzzle.” What do you mean daddy, I asked him? Well, he said, “See all the little pieces, and the big pieces and how they complete the picture?” He continued, “Those little pieces are as important as the big ones. We are all important in God’s eyes, even if we are just a little piece of the puzzle.” 

Nobody I knew could put together puzzles like dad.

I just stick to the kid's puzzles even though I’m an adult; it’s still fun and brings back wonderful memories of daddy. 

Diane L. Amburn



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