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Truck tolls are just another burden

After reading the front-page article “Wealth inequality an obstacle to tolling cars” (Dec. 3), I find it hard to believe that state Democrats are going ahead with truck tolls instead of managing our way out of the problem. Gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski had a plan to do exactly that, manage us out without burdening us more. Now the push is to follow Gov. Lamont’s lead and install gantries for tolling trucks. I’m sure that passenger tolls will soon follow, as it will be easy once the toll gantries are in place. Connecticut residents are taking it on the chin again. I don’t think I will ever vote for a Democrat again, no matter how good he or she sounds.

When the Mianus River Bridge failed, Connecticut installed a massive gasoline tax to fix all the bridges in the state. When we had financial problems again, then-Gov. Weicker burdened us with a state income tax to solve our problems after saying he was against it. Whatever happened to all that money? And one more question. If I-95 is a federal highway, how can Connecticut install tolls for state use?

William R. Antonowicz



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