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Shout out against impeachment hit job

This fake impeachment process is an unbelievable hit job. Every American should be horrified at this abuse of power and gross political charade. Impeachment should be for serious offenses, not political theater. Americans should not tolerate this injustice and destruction of our Constitution − shout, scream, yell out; we cannot let this gross act happen. Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was originally against something this destructive to our country. If this can happen to the president without cause, why can’t it happen to you?

This is such a corruption of our sense of justice and fairness, smearing the the president to help the Democrats win the 2020 election. No one with any sense would do something this dishonorable 11 months before an election. Voters should be furious that this is not a campaign issue for the people to decide. The Democrats don’t want to wait for the election because they know that they will lose. 

For those who support the president and those who don’t, all need to make common cause and stop an event that will hurt our country now and into the future. Time to wake up. Time to tell the Democrats − game over.

Bill Vogel

New London




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