Donations for church would be better spent helping victims

Disgrace. Norwich Diocesan priorities suggest spending $8 million in private donastions on one church in Pawcatuck while simultaneously offering zero compensation to any person raped by their Norwich Diocese shepherds of God. Amazing! If only the beauty of the new church could offset the ugly history of its diocese and bishops. What a spectacle it would be!

Is this new church also for victims? Should we use the church after hours, as was suggested to me by a priest in Mystic? Is there a side entrance for us, or do we use the rear entrance?

We were Catholic when we were raped. Because we spoke up against it doesn't make us less Catholic than you. Victims are not the enemies of the church. The enemies of the church are those who use their robes to rape the children of God, and those who enabled the rapes to continue.

The weekly Catholic prayer offered for clergy rape victims is nice, but incomplete. Pedophiles aren't mentioned in the prayer. Do we not pray for them too? They would need to be mentioned in the prayer, to be prayed for. I'll pray for them.

Maybe St. Michael Church parishioners want to invite me to bless their new church. Bishop Cote's "holy" water seems to be fouled.

John McGuire

New London



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