Loved one's support for Trump is dismaying

I am writing out of desperation over the splintering of our country and what it has done to me.

I don’t think of myself as a selfish person, but I am twisted over the fact loved ones — friends and family — favor our president. They don’t have to believe as I do, but it hurts for these reasons:

I am dismayed over senators who want to conduct an impeachment trial but freely demonstrate their minds are already made up. I can’t help but visualize the disabled reporter being mocked by President Trump. His persistent, consistent bashing of our citizens, leaders, parents — anyone — makes him a sickening, disgusting and erratic individual. He was elected using a type of rhetoric that many Americans, sadly, found appealing.

I think of workers and investors victimized by his prior bankrupt claims, leaving them unpaid. He insulted the parents of a man delivered home to the United States in a near-death condition.

He embarrasses many of his own party, their courage reduced to ashes by his bullying. He has separated kids from their families. Donald Trump can only focus on himself. He is pompous.

One more point. I would never want this man in my home, I could not be in his presence. I would want him away from my family and friends, even if they liked him.

His behavior does not merit his being my president.

Robert Banker



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