Include children in celebration of the arts in New London

As many are aware this is the weekend to celebrate the arts in the City of New London in conjunction with XLI Hygienic Art. Join in for the annual show that is an art exhibition like no other throughout the region with no judges, no jury, no entry fee and no censorship.

Please be sure to bring children of all ages to the Garde Arts Center Gallery, 305 State Street on Saturday, noon to 4 p.m., to enjoy the "Young Artists Expo." This is the first year this event has joined with the New London Public Library's Mabel Bartletts Children's Center to promote children's literature, arts, music and laughter, while providing fun opportunities to create and to express feelings.

Be a part of the excitement. Telephone the Hygienic Arts Organization at 860-443-8001 for specific events, dates and times.

Sean Kane

New London


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