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Republican senators prepare to cast a shameful vote

As the Trump senators voted repeatedly to block evidence in the impeachment trial and move to reach acquittal, they face assorted pressures:

1. Factual evidence is so overwhelming despite blanket presidential obstruction that no attempt is made to deny it. Legal precedent combined with historical explanation from the Founding Fathers leave them only a single, absurd constitutional argument. Historians and constitutional scholars will condemn them. In the face of all this, the senators will have to go home to family, friends, and neighbors, all knowing what they did.

2. Upon acquittal, Trump will be totally unleashed, and they may own his unhinged actions. They know how dangerous his lack of judgment can be, yet they violate their oath to save him. What if people die? It must be scary.

3. More damning information is certain to come out afterwards and it may be shocking, but they blocked consideration. They know this and it is not a good look for reelection, much less reputation.

4. Forever, their surname is complicit in the corrupt McConnell Senate and unforgiving history of the Trump impeachment.

The lowest of the low care not, but the senators should.

Ronald Cummings




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