Media fuels hatred of Trump that engulfs our nation, communities

The swastika painted on my friend's "Go Trump" sign in Ledyard is a real sad moment in Ledyard history. It seems the good people of Ledyard have been hiding a dark hatred deep in their souls and the presence of President Donald Trump and the mainstream media has now brought that hatred out.

I voted for President Obama, but I left the Democratic Party for just this reason. I won’t associate with the hatred being spewed at this president, fed by MSNBC and CNN. It’s dangerous. I didn’t vote for Trump but watching good people act out of character and show hate like this is sad.

The entire news establishment pumps the haters up every day on our televisions. They don’t fool me, but I see they fool many others − my friends and relatives around town, otherwise great people − into showing extreme hatred for Trump. I cheered when Captain Mason’s statue was removed in Mystic, but I don’t think everyone who wanted it to stay was a Nazi!

We have lost our sense of civility in America and if we don’t figure out that it is the media inflaming this hatred (not Trump) then we could be headed for much sadder days ahead. That vandal represents the new Democrat. Wow.

Cliff Goyette




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