Entertainment president a sad commentary on status of U.S. democracy

I rarely agree with Lee Elci. Clearly, he and I view the world entirely differently; he being a card-carrying member of the grievance-suffering class and I being no such thing. That said, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. To his credit, Lee hit a home run with his op-ed, “Are you entertained by President Trump?”, (Feb. 12).

Unfortunately, underlying Lee’s premise is the notion that about half the electorate cares not a wit about our environment, the health of our governmental institutions nor our standing in the world. Instead, this group views government as simply another vehicle in a long line of daily entertainment opportunities to deal with the boredom of everyday life.

What a sad commentary. Yet what Lee has exposed is a cancerous wound threatening the very foundations of our democracy. The conclusion is that a significant portion of the electorate no longer functions like adults, capable of looking past themselves to the well-being of our nation and lacking the ability to evaluate right from wrong. Instead, Lee is suggesting that this portion of the electorate is actually child-like, living an existence where everything is viewed for its momentary entertainment value.

S. Richard Guggenheim




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