Day's anti-Trump liberal bias sickening and tiring

I do not know about everyone else, but I am sick and tired of The Day and its liberal bias. I am so glad I am an independent. The unbelievable hate that people on the left have for this president is disgusting. I did not read this when Barack Obama was president and he stated he was going to change the country. If you honestly believe Obama did such a great job, then you are obviously misguided.

This country has seldom had the low unemployment it currently enjoys across all races and parties. Look at all the president's accomplishments. But The Day  cannot and will not give any credit to Trump. Yes, he is crass and cruel with his language. But he gets things done, unlike Obama and his fake red lines.

Obama spewed hate toward the police for doing their jobs, told the military not to fight back. He gave the Medal of Freedom to Robert De Niro who is as vile and vulgar as they come. No criticism from The Day about De Niro's award.

Some people need to get over Trump's victory. An election is coming in November. Stop being hypocrites, especially Editorial Page Editor Paul Choiniere.

Maybe if The Day printed the truth it would receive more respect and increase circulation.

Eric Parnes

New London



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