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This Republican has deep Trump angst

The recent Day column discussing, "Are you entertained by President Trump?", (Feb. 12), left me with a deep angst. I'm a Republican and have been since 1976, and I see storm clouds all around. If adults are more concerned about our Vaudevillian President, and how he is perceived, than the real operation of our "Ship of State," then the nation's future is in great peril.

Our White House cannot maintain a working staff due to the questionable machinations of our present president. Now, he further damages our State Department and Department of Justice as well. The well-oiled staff and civilian government workforce that President Eisenhower so notably developed and supported is currently going to hell under this administration.

Eisenhower's experience during WWII gave him the wisdom and the insight to appreciate the need for a superior staff to make well-informed decisions during that war. This good decision-making capability allowed his staff to best support him and our country. Eisenhower used that knowledge to assist his presidency. This has been lost.

What we have left is a cult of personality that is sorely lacking, and dangerous to democracy. Please, (columnist) Lee Elci, try to abstain from drinking copious amounts of the Trump/Fox Kool-Aid!

Peter Petrides




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