Cartoon showing Trump on gallows 'despicable'

I heard a discussion either on the radio or TV (can’t remember which) regarding the issue of people not reading, subscribing or buying The Day. Very interesting. Do you want to know why The Day is losing people? I know why! Just take a look at the
Feb. 8 cartoon depicting President Trump being hung. Despicable!

You can disagree with his policies or whatever, but the lack of respect for the presidency is deplorable. No president of either party deserves to be shown as being hung or about to be hung. Wrong!

I know from experience that The Day will not print certain letters or they edit or change the writer’s letter sometimes so much so that the letter is completely different from the original. But you wonder why less people like The Day?

If The Day keeps going in this direction, I predict this newspaper will be gone before long. It’s not the newspaper I remember from the past for many reasons.

Robert Gadbois

East Lyme

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