Given school construction, freeze Groton education spending

The True Cost of Education

An article in The Day, “Groton school budget hearing to be held Tuesday,” (Jan. 17), reported the Groton Board of Education is requesting a 1.6 percent increase in the 2020-2021 budget. In the next two years a new middle school and two new elementary schools will be opening, resulting in the possible closing of other schools. The municipal budget will have to include the cost of bonding (borrowing) to pay for these new schools. This will add $4 million to the annual budget, not including interest. Although not shown in the education budget, it brings the total cost to the taxpayers to 6.6 percent. I think it would be financially sound to have a moratorium on any increase spending until we see how the new schools are fully integrated into the system. As we all know, once you increase the Minimum Budget Requirement you can't go back. I ask the school board to be more fiscally responsible.

David Atwater




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