Republic's survival may rest with 2020 vote

The Senate’s failure to remove President Trump from office for abuse of power constituted a giant step toward authoritarianism. Separation of powers and impeachment failed to check its advance. Unfortunately, the Constitution’s establishment of the electoral college allowed an anti-democratic minority to gain power. Driving this trend is a demographic shift toward whites becoming the minority in about 20 years. "Birtherism," building a border wall, banning Muslim immigration, and legitimizing misogyny reveal the bigotry driving this community.

Decades of Republican efforts to prevent gun control, attack "political correctness," limit reproductive rights, suppress the minority vote, and gerrymander voting districts make it clear that individual freedom and expansion of human rights is not where President Trump and his supporters want the country to go. Voters who see themselves as a persecuted minority look to Trump to preserve their long held privileges by preserving white supremacy. The country’s only hope for ensuring democracy’s survival now lies in the outcome of the election of 2020.

David M. Collins

New London




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