Antarctica temperature-record story was penguin aided propaganda

The Day published a Washington Post article on Feb. 8, implying that: “Antarctica just hit 65 degrees, its warmest temperature ever recorded.” To drive the point home, a picture of a plaintive, lone penguin seemingly abandoned on a field of ice was included to, I suppose, tug at our heartstrings.

This event occurred (for a few hours) at a location known as Esperanza Base, established on the northern tip of the Trinity Peninsula at a latitude of about 63 degrees south. Interestingly, this is the approximate northern reciprocal of the latitudes of cities with relatively mild high-summer climates such as Helsinki, Stockholm and Anchorage.

The Trinity Peninsula is a finger of land about 750 miles long, extending generally north towards South America from the coast of Antarctica. Esperanza Base, at the tip of this peninsula, is only about 600 miles from the Falkland Islands and surrounded on three sides by water.

Using Esperanza Base as a metric for the temperature of Antarctica is akin to measuring the temperature of Key West and using that information to pack for a winter trip to North Dakota.

Why does The Day reprint the shameless propaganda of the loony (not to be redundant) leftwing Washington Post? Oops; just answered my own doggone question.

Lou Palone




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