Trump's awful behavior shouldn't be tolerated

In response to Dr. Linden’s letter, “Tolerating Trump’s abusive actions invites a dictatorship,” (Feb. 5), consider, dispassionately, words and behavior through the prism of family values.

Do we teach our children to: Grope women’s genitals? Do we want our wives’ or daughters’ genitals groped? Really? Commit adultery, cuckolding a pregnant wife? Really? Demean the disabled? Do we really idolize bullies? Really? Dupe students and stiff contractors? Really? Lie (>15,000 times in three years)? Really? Overspend (billions) on the family credit card? (By the way, did you get your $3,000 i.e., $410 billion tax cut for 138,000,000 taxpayers? Nope? Guess who got your share? Our kids will have to pay that bill.) Really? (I for one would take the credit card away!)

That’s five out of 10 commandments violated, but who’s counting. Does our disgust with government’s failures justify looking the other way while our values are demeaned daily? Gen Xers and millennials roundly reject this historical blunder; they apparently get it. While some good things have happened these past three years, is it really worth exalting egregious behavior?

Our president should be someone who exemplifies our highest values and seeks to unify. So many honest, thoughtful candidates in both parties. Reject the moral dissonance and give someone else a chance.

Constantine Manthous

East Lyme



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