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Give Trump credit for confronting crisis

In response to the letter, “Trump administration actions made pandemic worse,” (March 18), there are those that will find any negative occurrence in our social matrix to bash President Trump. For those mired in disappointment at a past election, and subsequent partisan hatred, get over yourselves! If Trump didn't swiftly restrict incoming travel and make other drastic decisions, we'd be in a deeper ditch today.

Try to remain current. In recent days, Trump has received accolades for his support, and decisive assistance from the unlikeliest of sources, CNN, which has made a living as the "Never Trump" Echo Chamber, and New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, as partisan a political foe as there is! We are in a war for survival right now, and the constant partisan drumbeat is not only petty, it's tedious, and small minded given our current circumstances!

James Baker




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