A very human Joe unites a diverse party

I applaud the democratic process. All hail the delegates. Super Tuesday was super and changed the direction of the nomination. And the Democratic primary has rewarded Joe Biden. Biden, the caricature; the man of many gaffes has won the hearts of a disparate electorate. He bumbles, stumbles, missteps and forgets: he is altogether too human. And that's what we need more of, a little humanity.

Now we know Sen. Bernie Sanders is impassioned. Bernie − your angry uncle − is only too willing to tell you what's wrong with the world. He will harangue and argue until people get with the program. I'm people, I'm with the program. But Joe knows that you have to get along with your neighbors.

Speaking metaphorically, and on certain august occasions, I believe in employing metaphor: if a branch from a neighbor's tree should fall in Joe's yard, he's going to grumble; but he will take care of it.

Our leaders are not personifications of perfection, they are members of a community. They are candidates because they care enough to run for office. No, Biden is not perfect. He's just a very real guy trying to do a difficult job − getting a consensus. I kind of like that.

Joe Harper

East Lyme



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