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He's got it bad, dreaded 'Trump-Virus'

I have caught a virus. It's called Trump-Virus. My name for it is new, but the meaning of it is not. It has been festering and has spread to me as an infection from a mean man, Donald Trump.

Trump can't help himself from being hurtful and disheartening. His symptoms include imitating a paraplegic man, calling a governor a "snake", calling a reporter a "terrible reporter" for asking what he would say to fearful Americans, and naming America's dilemma a "Chinese virus." The symptoms of Trump-Virus are much greater and far-reaching than these, and they have infected me.

It sickens me to think I have become what I despise regarding his name-calling, since I have invoked a name for his sickness. He makes me sick, and now I have succumbed to his influence. Please God, forgive me for not guarding against Trump-Virus.

Somewhere, and I'm sorry for not citing it properly, I read of a child saying, "sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will break my heart."

From this I feel my heart is broken. Trump-Virus is killing me.

Robert Banker




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