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Beaver behavior isn't all for the good

This is my answer to the March 17 letter, “Beavers have benefits, so deceive, don’t destroy them,” regarding the beaver dam problem.

I appreciate the writer's concern about the environment and the filtration of the rain to our water table. Our problem is that I have about one acre classified as bogs, thus very wet. The bogs are full of swamp maples, a very desirable place for many animals including nesting birds. The fall maple coloring of yellow and red leaves is beautiful.

The beaver dam is raising the water level in the bogs, which will eventually kill all the trees and turn those acres of bogs into a fake lake with just tree stumps. A problem is that there are no predators left around here to control the beaver population, so I will continue to do what I can to control the beavers.

Didier Rocherolle

Old Lyme



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