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After crisis, repeal and replace Trump

COVID-19’s beyond life, but is there life beyond COVID-19, the virus that is petrifying, spooking humans and markets everywhere? Don’t miss the irony of how we must all work together to defeat this scourge, while we must all remain apart; that’s no problem for me as social distancing is just another name for my social life that’s cooperating fully with the new “restrictions.”

Seriously, like a fire, responsiveness upon recognition minimizes the coming devastation (see Italy where the deaths keep rising). Instead, at the start President Trump dismissed COVID-19 as a Democrat plot to end his presidency, a Chinese foreign invasion that’s nothing more serious than the common flu.

But did Fox News’ Tucker Carlson deliver the wake-up call? This pandemic is a textbook example of the Republican repeal and replace universal health-care folly where the lack of health care for some threatens the health of us all. Accountability is not the blame game! Let he who has not sinned cast for the first stone and come Nov. 3, let all who believe in justice cast the first ballot for the Democrats.

Jay Lustgarten

Westerly, RI



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