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Self-interest will drive Trump's return-to-normal decision

When it comes to protecting his own interests, President Donald Trump is more than happy to throw caution to the wind and endanger the lives of countless thousands of Americans. His clarion call to re-boot the nation's economy now represents a clear case in point.

There is no national testing program in place to determine who is asymptomatic with COVID-19, but able to transmit the infection to others. Similarly, there is no testing in place to determine who may have recovered without ever knowing they were infected in the first place. In the absence of possessing that data, expecting Americans to return to their places of work is not only dangerous, but insane.

For Trump, however, the foregoing considerations are irrelevant because it's all about him and not us. After all, it is his prospects for re-election, along with a crumbling stock portfolio and collection of exclusive hotel resorts lying dormant, which concern him most.

Thus, no one should be fooled by this self-absorbed president's call for a premature return to work in order to save his bacon. Under the circumstances, only the assurances provided from qualified scientists and physicians will suffice. The stakes are far too high to settle for anything less.

Jack Welch




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