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Day's independent editorial voice is an asset

On May 17, Paul Choiniere, The Day’s editorial page editor, lamented on newspaper giant Gannett’s axing of editorials, “Gannett hatchet taking out the best at local newspapers.” He should be saluted for bringing this to our attention. While I’d be first to beg TV news producers to bring back anchors whose political persuasions were not sewn to their sleeves − I could watch Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw until the cows came home and not know to which political party they belonged, i.e., “just give me the facts, and I’ll make up my own mind” − I think editorials in moderate, independent newspapers like The Day are very valuable. The fact that both conservative and liberal readers take offense with the paper on a regular basis lends credence to the fact that The Day is balanced in its coverage. And I find their editorials are also.

Nobody can know everything. With facts at its beck and call 24/7, Day editorials can fill the voids and lend impartial commentary and opinion in numerous areas, some very controversial, aiding me in my own decision-making. Established in 188I and owned by a trust, I am happy The Day can remain an independent voice and that it retains the resources and desire to continue the editorial concept.

Robert A. Linden

East Lyme



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