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Reader has deep doubts about Reich's 'facts'

Robert Reich’s column, “Pandemic has exposed American exceptionalism as a mirage,” (May 12), is deeply angry, but is it even slightly true? Like Reich, I spent 30 years in the U.S. government in work related to labor economics. In one of a multitude of horrible examples, he makes the astonishing claim that worker injury rates in the U.S. are the worst in any advanced country. This seems to be impossible, for if it is true, we would all know about it, and workers and unions and politicians would be constantly up in arms. The Occupational Safety and Health Act was initiated by President Richard Nixon in his first 100 days, 50 years ago last month. If Reich’s assertions are even partly true, then the whole weight of his screed is to condemn the uselessness of the same government he served as President Clinton’s Secretary of Labor. Are syndicated opinion articles exempt from even basic fact-checking?

Lee D. Vincent




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