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We are have roots in African continent

People everywhere on the planet are descended from African immigrants. It’s true. A very, very long time ago someone was hunting a gazelle or a wildebeest that zig-zagged north into Europe, and the hunter’s faithful wife followed. (When will women learn?) An ice age followed, which caused their skin to lighten so they could get enough Vitamin D from the sun, as they were covered head to toe in animal skins because they were freezing.

And the rest, as they say, is pre-history. Look it up. You’ll have to because they don’t teach this in school because they are too scared to teach facts. They only teach students how to use a computer and such, so they can work for the corporations and make billionaires richer.

Remember, facts are true whether you believe them or not. How wrong do you choose to be?

Sheila Oddio




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