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U.S. must learn from rest of the world

In recent days, I have been shocked and scared by photos in The Day showing people close together without masks. I am 74 and male, which means I have a double bullseye on my back. Areas in America where masks are more worn have declining COVID-19 cases. Other areas, like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California are spiking up. Recently, 20 states were spiking, the next day it was 26, then 30 states, and so on.

Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, and Vietnam have shown cases can be significantly knocked down. We can do the same, but the pandemic has become sadly politicized. At the very least we should all be wearing masks outside of the home. I do not know what the pros and cons are of the pictures of those without masks. Would it make sense to give people masks before taking their pictures? Not taking their pictures if they do not wear masks?

We have been blessed in southeastern Connecticut with a seemingly low level of infection, but other parts of our country show us this is not guaranteed to remain so.

The virus does not care about our politics. It is an equal opportunity attacker. So, vote for whomever you think is best for America but please wear a mask.

Dr. Daniel Bendor


Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry Dept., Yale University School of Medicine



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