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President willing to put children at risk

Don Quixote of literary fame was famous for tilting with windmills. He had wonderful goals, but sadly, they never materialized. Our selfish president, whose only goal is his reelection, is campaigning with whatever comes to mind, and hopefully will not succeed either.

How dare he put our children at risk by threatening to cut off funds to schools that do not open in the fall? Is he really oblivious to the COVID numbers in over 30 states? Every parent wants children back to school, and every school system is trying to achieve this wish. Trump does not care about the safety of the children, teachers, and others at risk. Somewhere in his warped mind, this is a good reelection idea, and that is all that matters.

Even his most worshipful supporters must wonder about the motives of this very sick man.

Bernice Krantz




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